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Virtual vs. Non Virtual USA Numbers: Does the Difference Really Matter?

Virtual phone numbers are all the rage in our digital age, making it possible for anyone to get a “local” number no matter where they live. Businesses and consumers alike rely on virtual phone numbers for a number of reasons, from building credibility to blending in with the local market to giving you the freedom to live or work anywhere.

But there are some major missed opportunities when using virtual phone numbers that most people overlook when they sign up for one. In some cases, the downsides of a virtual phone number can’t justify the benefits, and users should consider the entire picture before pulling the trigger.

What is a Virtual Phone Number?

Before we dive into the virtual and non virtual phone number debate, it helps to know exactly what a virtual phone number is. In essence, a virtual phone number is a phone number that isn’t connected to any specific device or system.

Before virtual phone numbers evolved, traditional phone numbers were generated by phone companies to work over a single, physically connected phone line. Calls were transferred by phone wires, not space. Calls made to a phone number could only reach that specific destination (e.g. when you call a business’s phone number, the phone would ring in their physical location).

As you know, that’s not the case anymore. Virtual phone numbers have removed the physical limitations of phone numbers, giving users more flexibility and control over how they receive phone calls. You can now purchase virtual phone numbers and set your own destinations with the help of online PBX systems.

Many businesses are using virtual phone numbers to establish a local presence in areas where they have no physical presence. Having a local area code or exchange can give them a layer of local flavor to earn buyer trust and fit into the market, even if they company is hundreds or thousands of miles away. And because it doesn’t require any hardware or special devices, virtual phone numbers are a go-to choice for startups who need to save money without sacrifice.

Why Virtual Numbers are Bad for Business

Now that we’ve covered what virtual phone numbers are and some of their benefits, let’s flip the script and look at the biggest downside that most people don’t know about until they encounter it: SMS text verification.

As fraud prevention is an increasingly top priority for companies, many apps and services are using two-factor authentication to weed out fake accounts. Part of this process includes SMS text verification, which is where an app or service will text a secret code to the phone number you provide. You’ll need to input this code into the login screen to gain access.

But if you have a virtual phone number, you won’t be able to complete the authentication process. Many websites reject virtual phone numbers, leaving you without access to your important apps and services.

Security experts are now warning against the major security flaws of SMS text verification. It’s too easy for attackers to steal and swap SIM cards, and even hijack your SMS text messages. But many businesses continue to use SMS verification processes, and getting around this issue with a virtual phone number is still a problem that needs to be addressed.

The Easiest Way to Get a Real USA Phone Number

This isn’t to say that virtual numbers are always a no-go. There are specific use cases that make them invaluable for consumers and businesses alike, and certainly serve an important purpose. However, because of their inability to pass SMS verification tools, you may find that your virtual phone number doesn’t solve all your problems.

The easiest way to overcome this challenge is to get a non-virtual USA phone number. Best of all, you don’t need a pricey phone service to get a real phone number.

NonVoip specializes in setting up our customers with real USA phone numbers that can help you get past difficult authentication challenges and SMS verification tools. Your phone number comes directly from U.S. phone companies and is unique to you, just like any other real phone number. We also back every phone number with our 100% guarantee, so you can rest easy knowing your number is doing what you need it to.

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